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    Still dictating and transcribing medical reports?

    Affordably improves readability, accuracy and timeliness.

  • synoptic reporting with Synoptec clinical documentation system
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    Synoptec™ empowers organizations to improve patient care & efficiency by replacing narrative reporting methods with clinician designed, structured data templates.

  • flexibility to address unique requirements

    Flexibility to address unique requirements

    Synoptec™ has the flexibility to support unique work-flow, policy and interface requirements - without compromising your upgrade path or support.

Synoptec. Clinical documentation for improved care.

Synoptic Reporting Works

Narrative reports are difficult to interpret and lack important information - research proves it. Synoptic reporting can:

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  • Increase accuracy, completeness and readability of reports
  • Reduce medical record errors by checking entries as they are made.
  • Eliminate transcription costs 
  • Promote timeliness, quality assurance and security
Synoptec Overview

Introducing Synoptec

Our clinical documentation system is based on structured, clinician designed templates. Empower your team to improve patient care, streamline workflow and reduce costs. The transition is easy.

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