Alinity Association Management Software

As a professional association, you carry serious obligations to both your membership and the public at large. You also have your own unique needs when it comes to managing licenses, renewals and record maintenance. This means that generic document management solutions, no matter how deeply customized, can’t adequately fulfill all of your organization’s needs.

The answer is Alinity, a framework software that can be configured to not just meet but exceed the license and certification requirements of large professional associations and colleges. More than just tracking software or complicated spreadsheets, Alinity actually responds to data input, allowing your membership to register, renew, and update licenses and core competencies. Additional modules allow for even more extensive customization to suit specific needs, including continuing education requirements, relationship management and even complaints handling. A smooth, responsive interface means both members and administrators can update information from any web-enabled tablet, phone or desktop computer.

By proceduralizing and automating your association’s membership policies within the software, Alinity significantly reduces paperwork and helps prevent human error. It creates a private, secure point of contact between your college and your membership to streamline relationship management while improving accuracy and dramatically modernizing association record keeping.


Fast, efficient and simple registration management for both new members and renewing members, including secure transactions and online receipting.


Exceptional and accurate record keeping to help you manage everything from licensing to continuing education to complaints and investigations.


Powerful software and secure transactions keep membership information and payment records safe.


A responsively-designed interface creates a smooth and simple user-experience on both Android and Apple tablets and mobile phones.


A powerful framework that can be configured to meet each professional association’s unique needs.
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Reducing Costs and Improving Accuracy

Automating college and association membership and maintenance processes means significantly reduced paperwork compared to manual and spreadsheet methods, improving both efficiency and accuracy throughout the process. By moving member services to an online solution, you spend less time mired in paperwork or processing errors. What’s more, membership is presented with a modern, efficient solution for maintenance functions that can be accomplished from any device with an internet connection.

  • Renewals and Registrations—Alinity creates an exceptional experience for your association’s members, making registrations and renewals fast, simple and convenient.
  • Online Receipts and Permits—Online registration and renewal receipts dramatically reduce paperwork, help control costs and are better for the environment.
  • Continuing Competency—Members can update their continuing competencies and education with online tools designed around college requirements and curricula.
  • Corporate Management—Alinity can be implemented with corporate management options for verification and other licensing purposes.
  • Auditing Assistance—Alinity can help improve auditing efficiency as well, selecting membership and enforcing audit completion rules for renewals to ensure membership compliance with college standards.

The Alinity Answer

The core of Alinity™ is a robust framework software developed specifically to aid professional associations and colleges with membership maintenance and management services. The core services include membership renewals (whether on a rolling or annual schedule), new registrations and a public directory. Individual modules of functionality are then layered on top of the core framework, creating unique, custom solutions specifically built to serve your college’s particular needs. Continuing competency, education, auditing and complaint management modules are all available, and each one can be tailored for specialized data per your college’s requirements. And all this technology is located in the Cloud, making it available to your membership 24 hours a day, with no need for additional investment in servers or other costly hardware.