Alinity FAQ

Your software sounds great, but isn’t all that customization expensive?

Not anymore. It’s true that Alinity got its start as a complex enterprise software, and implementations at the time could run into the tens of thousand of dollars. However, programming techniques and technology have come a long way since our software first debuted. Alinity is as versatile as ever, but development costs have fallen dramatically. Plus with our recent move to a subscription-based model, Alinity is more affordable than ever before. Exact prices will vary depending on the features you choose to implement, but the average cost is approximately $50 per user per month. Even for larger licensing bodies, that translates into just a couple thousand of operational-budget dollars yearly.

Okay, council’s willing to invest in a better system for staff and members, but we have a lot of data and features we want to maintain. Can we protect features and convert data into Alinity’s framework?

Absolutely! Softworks has over twenty years of experience helping licensing authorities become more efficient and accurate in their membership management. We understand the challenges colleges and associations face, and the necessity of ensuring a smooth transition that maintains your data and lets you do everything your previous system did. Converting features and protecting existing date was once a much more expensive process. Now thanks to our extensive experience and technical skills, we’ve refined the process to be as smooth, efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Everything sounds great so far, but I’m still not sold. Is there a trial version I can use?

We’re pleased to say there’s a demonstration version of the new Alinty V6 due very soon. It used to be that because Alinity was constructed as a framework in order to meet client’s unique needs, there was also no single program that could be easily demonstrated. But over two decades of experience working with licensing authorities has given Softworks valuable expertise and insight into the operational requirements of licensing bodies across Canada. As we’ve implemented builds, we’ve discovered some basic functions common to virtually all licensing bodies. Working off that information we developed a robust demo of Alinity V6 featuring all the most common features. Start your free 30-day trial now.