Alinity V6 – Accounting Module

Accounting is another core module in the Alinity solution. The key goal is to simplify the module and make it easier to use for those without accounting training.


  • No Need to Batch Payments
  • New Reconciliation Tools
  • Simplified Setup and Exports to General Ledgers
  • Step-by-step Process Wizards

No Need to Batch Payments

Payments are entered without the need to setup batches. Payment transactions are automatically organized into virtual batches by the system. Virtual batches can be viewed by deposit account, entry date, deposit date, payment type, entry form (renewal, application, etc.), entry person or any combination of those parameters.

New Reconciliation Tools

The Alinity V6 solution features tool  to make reconciling deposit amounts to bank statements much easier. Payment amounts entered on different days but deposited together can now be associated to a single deposit date. You can also mark amounts as reconciled to reduce the number of transactions that need to be reviewed when the next statement is available.

Real-time reconciliation features based on import of transactions directly from your bank account is on the road map for the module but did not fit into the release schedule for 2017.

Simplified Setup and Exports to General Ledgers

A special view is provided for mapping registration types and other chargeable items to General Ledger (GL) accounts by those with an accounting background. This work may also be done through our Help Desk working with your accountant during setup. This feature simplifies accounting setup and makes it much easier to establish exports to GL programs. You and your bookkeeper can adjust mappings, re-run exports and examine exported transactions in a spreadsheet before finalizing the pass-through to your GL program.

Step-by-step Process Wizards

Alinity V6 uses step-by-step process screens (sometimes called wizard-style UI) to walk users through most accounting functions like refunds, split payments and adjustments to standard pricing.

Like all modules in Alinity Version 6, the Accounting module is fully web-based and mobile-device compatible. No installation is necessary. All Alinity V6 modules run equally well on PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets by applying responsive web design (RWD) technology that dynamically changes layouts to fit various screen sizes.

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