Alinity V6 – Application Management Module

The Alinity V6 solution offers regulatory authority staff and registrants unparalleled convenience with the Application Management module. This module allows you to define multiple processes to match the various applicant streams you support, such as provincial grads, other Canadian grads, foreign applicants and so on. Specific workflow support, document management, correspondence and integration with the Alinity accounting functions is built in.

View the video below to see for yourself how Alinity V6 applications work, and you can read all about our features below.


  • Dynamic Forms with Branching Logic
  • Dedicated Administrator Review Process
  • Support for Supervisor and Employer-Designates

Dynamic Forms with Branching Logic

HCAApplicationThis module leverages a dynamic forms-engine that makes it possible to create state of the art, attractive web-forms defined through XML documents. While advanced technical skills of our Help Desk staff are required for the configuration, the process is much quicker than previous methods that required traditional programming techniques. We have also built in the ability to create multi-part forms that branch on values entered, such as the location where training was obtained.

Dedicated Administrator Review Process

As in the Renewal module, there is a dedicated process for administrator review of application forms. When an application requires updates before it can be approved, the administrator can enter comments for the applicant directly on the form. Correspondence features notify the applicant and it appears for a second review once the form has been updated. This feedback loop can continue as long as necessary and is particularly useful when an applicant is in a different time zone than the College administrators.

Support for Supervisors and Employer-designates

The module supports participation by Supervisors and other employer-designates to confirm credential claims.
The module also supports a credential management system where approved credentials and the organizations granting them can be maintained for selection on the application form. Each type of license can be setup with its own application form, and with branching support for different sections of the register.

Once an application is finalized, it is saved by the system as a PDF file (along with all feedback comments) that goes into the registrant’s document library for easy review, printing or saving to the local file system for offline use.

Like all modules in Alinity Version 6, the Application module is fully web-based and mobile-device compatible. No installation is necessary. All Alinity V6 modules run equally well on PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets by applying responsive web design (RWD) technology that dynamically changes layouts to fit various screen sizes.

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