Alinity V6 – Document Management Module

Good document management is a requisite for regulatory bodies and professional associations. That’s why we put extra attention on the Document Management module in Alinity Version 6. This module allows documents to be brought into the secure, encrypted Alinity database both through administer screens and through member service forms such as applications, renewals and continuing education profiles. Administrators can upload any standard file type of ad hoc documents such as letters and interview notes.


  • Upload Documents
  • View and Restrict Document Access
  • Searchable Content

Uploading Documents

Upload WITH breadcrumbs (Compressed)When documents are uploaded, they appear in a repository for the member they are associated with.  An easy interface allows the same document to be associated with multiple “contexts.”  For example, suppose a marks-transcript was uploaded as part of an application process. That same document may become relevant to an extended practice application at some point the next year and can be associated with both application forms without requiring copying.

View and Restrict Document Access

Alinity V6 automatically categorizes documents based on what they have been associated with so that folder structures are consistent from one member record to the next. Extensive sorting and searching tools are also included, including full-text searching. Full-text searching enables you to find documents by searching for specific words or phrases in their content. Similar word forms are automatically interpreted equivalently; “ran,” “running” and “run” are all treated the same for search purposes.

Searchable Documents and Content

Search inside documents (Compressed)Since Document Management has become so fundamental to the road-map for all other Alinity modules, we have included it as part of our base-product. This ensures this module will be available for other modules like Application, Renewals, Complaints, Continuing Education, to take advantage of.  Since Document Management is now part of the base Alinity product, it is provided to existing clients without additional license fees. The module does, however, significantly change how existing forms and modules need to be configured and so extensive re-configuration is required which is a chargeable service. A second cost factor to be aware of is resource requirements.

Additional Information

This module typically increases computing resources required by your implementation by roughly 1000% within a couple of years. This impacts database size, backup size, and computing power required for indexing the documents so that searches run quickly. The costs for the increased computer power are still nominal, but there is a base hosting price of $25/month plus $5/gigabyte of storage for this module.

Like all modules in Alinity Version 6, the Document Management module is fully web-based and mobile-device compatible. No installation is necessary. All Alinity V6 modules run equally well on PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets by applying responsive web design (RWD) technology that dynamically changes layouts to fit various screen sizes.

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