Alinity V6 – Registration Module

Registration is one of the core services universally required by licensing authorities. Alinity V6’s registration system features a fast, modern user interface that’s simple to use and provides important information in a clean and easily read format. Registrations are quick and easy to set up, and an integrated audit log automatically logs (and attributes) changes, maintaining a complete history of your records.

Streamlined, Convenient Registration Services

  • Informative, Easy to Read Registrant Cards
  • Simplified Searching and Queries
  • Improved Registration Setup
  • Integrated Audit Log

Informative, Easy to Read Registrant Cards

A key requirement for licensing authorities is the ability to access and review registration information quickly and easily. Alinity V6 uses registrant cards to display key information at a glance without having to drill down through a tree control. The amount of information displayed on each card responds automatically to the type of device being used, with less information displayed on smart phones, and more on tablets and computers.

When you click a registrant card, all the details available for an individual—including applications, renewals, documents, correspondence, and payments—are immediately accessible from a single page. A snapshot of a registrant’s details can also be taken and saved as a PDF to their document history or printed or saved for offline use.

The registrant detail page is organized into expandable sections you can turn on or off based on personal preference. If your role requires you to review license and renewal information but not correspondence or continuing education, you can configure your screen to keep those areas closed by default.

Simplified Searching and Queries

Easy-to-read responsive information on registrants doesn’t do you any good if you can’t find what you’re looking for though. Alinity V6 helps staff and administrators find information quickly using robust but simple search options. Popular search criteria such as name, partial name, license/permit number, phone number and more, are all immediately available. For licensing bodies requiring more precise control, and advanced search is also available.

Some licensing bodies and regulatory authorities have much more specific requirements for finding specific records and information. That’s why Alinity V6 also supports Queries, providing a precise means of searching according not only to specific but also to multiple criteria. Queries are defined during the setup of your implementation, but can be modified or even removed later, and new queries can be defined directly in the Setup module. A testing tool makes verification of new queries quick and easy, pluse once a query is established it can be added to existing screens without programming. All of this is in addition to our expanded library of standard queries based on over twenty years experience with our many clients across the country.

Easy Registration Setup

Version 6 makes setup easy by introducing step-by-step process screens (sometimes called wizard-style UI) to walk users through more complex processes like merging records and changing registration types.The module also features an integrated audit log so that it is easier to see when, and by whom, key changes to records were made.

Setting up registration types uses a simple structure based on “Registers” and “Sections.” Requirements for each Register can be different, and Sections inherit requirements from their register but may also add additional requirements. Configuration of public directories don’t require technical skills and content rules can be different for each Register and Section.

Integrated Audit Log

The module also features an integrated audit log so that it is easier to see when, and by whom, key changes to records were made.

Like all modules in Alinity Version 6, the Registration module is fully web-based and mobile-device compatible. No installation is necessary. All Alinity V6 modules run equally well on PCs, Macs, smart phones and tablets by applying responsive web design (RWD) technology that dynamically changes layouts to fit various screen sizes.

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