Alinity V6 – Renewal Management Module

The most frequently accessed registrant service for most colleges is Renewal, and the quality of the user’s experience going through renewal is critical to registrant satisfaction. For that reason, taking the opportunity to improve the Renewal experience can pay big dividends for your College. With Alinity Version 6, the chief opportunity is the ability to support mobile devices and integrated document management.


  • Custom Forms with Branching Logic
  • Dedicated Administrator Review Process
  • Support for Supervisors and Employer-designates

Custom Forms with Branching Logic

To make the renewal form work well on mobile devices, we have created a completely dynamic forms-engine. The new form technology supports responsive web design (RWD) standards so that whether the renewal form is being completed on a Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone, the screen adjusts its layout automatically to be functional and easy to read.

Configuring custom forms for your organization is now is carried out by editing XML documents (a type of text document). While the technical skills of our Help Desk staff are required for the configuration, the process is much quicker than previous methods that required traditional programming techniques. We have also built in the ability to create multi-part forms that branch on values entered elsewhere in the form. For example, different sections appear based on the registration type, or the expiry of a document previously submitted (such as when a new criminal record check is required).

Dedicated Review Process

The Renewal Management module features a dedicated process for administrator review of renewal forms. When a form requires updates before it can be approved, the administrator can enter comments for the registrant directly on the form. Correspondence features notify the registrant and when updated, and the revised form appears for second review. This feedback loop can continue as long as necessary and all details are maintained in a comprehensive audit log that can be viewed even years later.

Support for Supervisors and Employer-designates

The module also supports participation by Supervisors and other employer-designates to confirm claims of competency made on the form.

New reports have been added to support administration and follow-up on the renewal cycle. The Correspondence module can be leveraged to send out reminders including through text messages, which often have a higher response rate than email.

Once the form is finalized, it is saved by the system as a PDF file (along with all feedback comments) that goes into the registrant’s document library for easy review, printing or saving to the local file system for offline use.

Like all modules in Alinity Version 6, the Continuing Education module is fully web-based and mobile-device compatible. No installation is necessary. All Alinity V6 modules run equally well on PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets by applying responsive web design (RWD) technology that dynamically changes layouts to fit various screen sizes.

Alinity V6 Association Management Software

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