Alinity V6 – Setup Module

The setup module is part of the base Alinity installation and is where most business rules, preferences and other components of the configuration are established.

The Setup module is used initially by our configuration staff as they work with you to custom-fit Alinity to your business requirements. Once you are up and running, many small changes to your setup can be made without requiring intervention of our help desk (although our help is always available if you need it!).


  • Added Flexibility
  • Selectable Business Rules
  • New Validation Tool
  • Process Monitoring

Added Flexibility

Setup Module Advanced Options (Compressed)Alinity V6 includes configuration points that increase flexibility of the Alinity framework. The full message system is now user addressable so if you don’t like the wording in a particular message you can add an override on your own to better match your terminology. Do you need to support or remove file types you are going to allow for upload to your online applications? Do you want to automatically accept address changes or do you want to review them one by one? Go ahead and update that configuration on your own.

Selectable Business Rules

V6 also features tools and utilities for improving the quality of your data. Rather than requiring our help desk to change common business rules including mandatory/non-mandatory fields, minimum and maximum values, and many licensing-specific rules, there is a pre-defined library reflecting best practices from across our large client base. You can selectively turn rules on or off using a simple interface.

Data Validation Tool

Along with selectable business rules, Alinity features a validation tool that will check and report on records that don’t meet the rule. The tool is particularly useful for conversions and to check how a new business rule would impact existing records. For example, you can run the tool to quickly determine which records need updating in order to make postal codes mandatory. Too much legacy data that is not worth updating? No problem. Archived records are now supported and can be skipped when applying new rules.

Process Monitoring

Process Monitoring for Regulatory Bodies in Alinity V6 Association Management Software.Alinity V6 also includes utilities for monitoring standard processes running on your system, such as email delivery (which is now built in). If you have implemented the optional Task Management module, work-flow automation triggers can also be setup and monitored through this module. These monitor screens are a bit more technical than the usual Alinity screens but with a bit guidance you can resolve many common issues on your own . For example, does it seem that searches are taking longer than before? Quickly check the status of your database through a monitor screen or archive non-license related records for faster navigation.

If you need detailed information about the database structure for reporting (e.g. for creating reporting data-sets in our new Analyzer module) or for interfacing with other systems, you can find the information through the Setup module’s new data model reports.

Like all modules in Alinity version 6, the Setup module is fully web-based and mobile-device compatible. No installation is necessary. All Alinity V6 modules run equally well on PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets by applying responsive web design (RWD) technology that dynamically changes layouts to fit various screen sizes.

Alinity V6 Association Management Software.

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