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Register for a free 30-day trial of Synoptec™ and see for yourself how synoptic reporting can benefit your practice!

Synoptec™ is a simple and fast HIPAA-compliant synoptic reporting framework using responsive web-design technology to provide a seamless reporting experience on any device.

  • Eliminate transcription time and cost
  • Create more complete documentation
  • Reduce errors and improve compliance
  • Reduce clinician time required to report
  • Easily pass reports to other systems
  • Reduce medical liability with best-practice templates

Designed for surgeons, pathologists and radiologists, Synoptec™ is a flexible software framework that can be customized to your practice’s individual needs. Because no two practices are exactly the same, no two implementations are exactly the same. Contact us today about your practices needs.

Your trial package may include up to:
  • 2 Administrators
  • 5 Clinician Licenses
  • 100 patients

All Synoptec™ trial implementations include a patient portal and database and are completely HIPAA compliant.

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