Software Implementation Specialist

We’re currently on the lookout for a Software Implementation Specialist. Just follow the link, or apply with your resume attached directly to!

Software Sales Specialist – 2 Years Experience

We’re currently on the lookout for a Software Sales Specialist. Just follow the link, or apply with your resume attached directly to!

Part-time Bookkeeper –  1 Day Per Week

We’re currently on the lookout for a detail-oriented, accurate Part-time Bookkeeper. Just follow the link, or apply with your resume attached directly to!

Word cubes spelling out Do What You Love.

Even when we're not recruiting, we're recruiting

Great things happen when people are working at jobs they love. Are you doing great things?

We’re always looking for exceptional people even when we aren’t advertising a job posting. You should know, however, that submitting a standard resume won’t get you anywhere. If we are going to have a relationship, we might as well start by being honest! If you love building software, and are willing to put in some work to apply with us – read on.

Are you like us?

Telling you about job requirements probably isn’t as helpful as describing characteristics of the people who are already succeeding at Softworks.  All of us have a a mix of technical and customer service skills.

First up, you need have great communication skills. An accent is awesome (more flavor) but you need to be totally comfortable in English both oral and written. If you speak a second language  – bonus points! Some IT people aren’t really comfortable talking with customers. That can’t be you. You need to love talking with customers and be interested in learning how they do business with our software.

Next, you need to be an active learner. The best people are the ones who know they don’t know everything. Yes, you need to know your way around a database and have the technical chops to do the job, but that’s not all there is to any of our jobs. We’re looking for people who are always looking for the best ways to do things and stay on top of the latest trends in whatever they’re doing. Learning isn’t something that ends with your degree.
We’re also looking for great leaders who will take the initiative. We’ll take the time to train you, to get you up to speed on our industries and clients. But we need people willing to take the bull by the horns to get the job done. We want people who aren’t afraid to try new things and are always on the lookout for the best way to accomplish a goal or objective.

Helpdesk analyst

Almost everyone starts on our help desk.  Learning about our customers and how they use our product is critical to everything we do.

Configuration specialist

Our products are flexible frameworks that support extensive configuration.  This role requires subject matter expertise and good analytical skills.