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Setting Up Fees, Part One – Creating Catalog Items

Registration fee setup is an important task in configuring your Alinity application. Fees are used by Alinity on invoices generated automatically for members and applicants. While most fees are associated with registration functions like renewals, reinstatements, and applications, you also use these features to create prices for merchandise and ad hoc services if you offer


Easy Exporting

While Alinity has many operational and analytical reports built in, there may be times where you want to export your data to perform your own analysis and reporting in other tools, like Excel. The export feature was created for that purpose. You may also need to export data to the Canadian Institute for Health Information


Changing and Adding Fees

Many regulatory authorities charge a variety of fees to members to help cover their operational costs, but of course, fees occasionally change. Fortunately, changing fees in Alinity is straightforward and simple.   Start by logging in and clicking the Accounting tab on the side navigation bar of the main dashboard to expand the Accounting options


Simplified Reconciliation

Reconciliation of transactions is an important part of every regulatory authority’s accounting workflows. Regular account reconciliation helps ensure all transactions are accounted for, tracks down specific payments, and helps identify and prevent potential accounting errors. The reconciliation process can be broken down into three stages; reconciling the electronic payments recorded between your bank and your


Multilingual Services

As an association management software solution built specifically for regulatory authorities, Alinity is dedicated to meeting the needs of Colleges and professional associations across the country. For some regulatory authorities, one of those needs is to provide services in multiple languages. In Alinity, the ability to offer services in multiple languages is built directly into


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