Top 5 Best Medical Apps That Surgeons Can Use on Their iPad

best ipad apps for surgeons mhealthMobile medical apps can help surgeons enhance the quality of the care they provide to their patients. mHealth apps can assist with everything from alerting you to potential medication interactions, to informing your patients about risks, to improving electronic medical documentation. There are many apps available for your iPad, and today we’d like to cover just a few of them.


Top 5 Best Medical Apps for Surgeons Using Tablets

#1: Diagnosaurus DDX – This app offers a wide variety of information. It includes both printed text and videos, as well as answers to any diagnostic questions you might ever have. You can set your preferences to receive alerts to new journal articles that apply to your speciality. You can also find out anything you need to know about drug interactions.

#2: MedScape – Among top medical apps, MedScape is probably the most popular medical app on the market. It offers an incredible amount of features, including the ability to access the information you need with or without an Internet connection. The app is operated by WebMD, and it is free of charge for your iPad, as well as for Android users. You’ll have access to the latest announcements from the FDA, as well as answers to any questions you might encounter from your patients.

#3: SurgAware – Improving doctor-patient communication is key to improving medical outcomes. As a surgeon, one of your responsibilities is to inform your patients about any risks prior to performing a surgical procedure. Most surgeons do this by providing handouts and forms, and many of these are never really understood or looked at again once the procedure has been completed. SurgAware is a specialized app that gives you an excellent reference tool to pass along to your patients in a format that easy to understand as well as access.

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#4: PreOpEval – If you’re like many surgeons, you take a long time to plan a procedure, especially if you’re treating a patient who is likely to have a lot of complications. PreOpEval makes the planning process much easier by giving you the guidance you need. For example, if you have a patient who is taking Aspirin and Warfarin, do you know what precautions you need to take prior to surgery? This mobile medical app will speed up the planning process for you, allowing you to treat your patient much more quickly and efficiently.

#5: Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgery – This series of mobile apps provides surgeons with an overview of every surgical procedure they might need access to. You’ve probably encountered a patient who required a procedure that you haven’t performed in years. How many times have you referred these patients to other surgeons when you would have preferred to treat them yourself? The Zollinger series of apps gives you complete access to the information you need, when you need it.

Bonus App: Synoptec™ – Synoptec™ synoptic reporting software is optimized for desktop, tablet and smartphone use, integrating with existing electronic medical records systems. You’ll be able to quickly access your patient’s electronic medical documentation, compare and contrast treatment plans to determine best outcomes, and quickly create your own reports through the use of configurable templates. Surgeons all around the country are finding Synoptec™ to be one of the most valuable apps they have at their disposal.

No matter what your surgical specialty is, mobile apps can enhance your practice. With a little research, you will be able to find the right apps that will give you the assistance you need, whether inside the operating room, or out.