Synoptec Modules


Synoptec is composed of six basic modules that provide the core functionality. Each module provides specific functions, and can be tailored to suit your clinic’s individual needs. Here we provide a brief overview of the Synoptec modules so you can get a better understanding of how we can help your clinic operate more efficiently and effectively.


The setup module is where most business rules, preferences and other components of your Synoptec configuration are established. The Setup module is used initially by our configuration staff as they work with you to custom-fit Synoptec to your clinic requirements. Once you are up and running, many small changes to your setup can be made without requiring intervention of our help desk (although our help is always available if you need it!).

Access Management is where you can define user access to the Synoptec system. Users can be assigned specific roles depending on their position and need. For example, administrative staff may have complete access to all information in the system, while clinicians may only require access to a few specific modules. Similarly, patients or other off-site users should have significantly curtailed access, and only able to view modules and information that are relevant to them. Once a user has been assigned a specific role, additional access or restrictions can be put in place for each individual member if required.

The Administration module of Synoptec is used by staff administrators to track relevant information, access reports, and perform other administrative duties as required. A dedicated dashboard gives administrators quick and easy access to all the information and functions they require, and can be customized to suit each practice’s unique administrative requirements and workflows.

The Clinician module is the heart of the Synoptec solution, and is used by clinicians to access and fill out forms and reports. Like the rest of Synoptec, the clinician dashboard can be customized suit individual needs, and displays open reports, completed reports, and integrates with Synoptec’s Analyzer module to allow for easy analysis of data to help spot trends in patient data and demographics.

The Patient module gives your patients the option to login remotely to schedule appointments and fill out pre-consultation forms. Data validation tools help ensure the forms are filled out as completely as possible, and the module may be integrated with other scheduling solutions to automatically update clinic calendars, fore example, to help ensure convenience and ease-of-access for your patients.

One of the key benefits of adopting an electronic synoptic reporting solution over narrative transcription is the ease with which data can be analyzed. Narrative transcription produces large blocks of text that need to be read and analyzed for relevant information. Electronic synoptic reports, on the other hand, can easily have all the relevant information extracted from them. Synoptec’s Analyzer module uses completed Synoptec reports to quickly discover trends in your practice, such as key demographic data, so you can better understand your patient mix and developing patterns. Like other Synoptec modules, it can be customized to capture specific data you require.