Synoptec Clinical Documentation System

Most medical reports today are narrative blocks of texts … like this paragraph.  They are usually created through a cycle of dictation-transcription-editing and finally sign-off.  The process is slow, error prone and expensive.

Synoptec is a simple software solution that replaces narrative reports with template-based “synoptic” formats.  Reports are completed directly by the clinician often using a smart phone or tablet computer.  A well organized layout of predefined choices (check-boxes, radio buttons, etc.) and short answer text guides the process.  As selections are made the template updates dynamically to include only those options consistent with earlier input.  Short narrative sections may be still be included in the template, but they are minimized.  Touch and dictation are supported as entry methods.  For Clinicians preferring a mouse and keyboard, Macs and PC’s are also supported.

Using Synoptec to complete reports requires considerably less time than the dictation-edit-sign-off cycle, or typing in a word-processor.  Unlike narrative text, error checking is automatic – nothing is forgotten, responses are consistent for context (e.g. gender, procedure type etc.), and all ranges are verified.  The entire reporting process from case selection to sign-off is typically completed in a few minutes.  Even distribution of the report back to health records, referring providers or other EMR’s is automated.

Improve Quality

The research is in, template based synoptic reports are more accurate and more complete than narrative reports.

Lower Liability

Reporting errors and omissions are leading risk factors in medical liability.  Reduce risk with structured validation at the point of entry.

Reduce Cost

Eliminate transcription costs with point-of-care final reporting.

Improve Readability

Give your care teams the information that supports decision making clearly, succinctly and consistently.

Report Outcomes

Synoptic reports are a rich source for analysis and outcome reporting. Are your narrative reports delivering?
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The Research Is In

Clinical research comparing synoptic and narrative reporting has found that synoptic reports are more accurate, more complete, more timely, and less costly.  It requires less Clinician time than transcription and the resulting reports are preferred by other care team members because of their inherit consistency and succinctness.  Since the most important data values on synoptic reports are selected from pre-defined lists, producing Outcome Reports and other analysis is straightforward.

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  • Administrator Portal – provides features for entering and importing cases, distributing reports, configuring the system and managing users.

  •  Clinician Portal – provides quick access to cases and completion of synoptic reports.

  • Analyzer – an easy to use data visualization tool for outcome reporting.

  • Template Designer – a visual designer for creating and updating clinical templates.

  • Patient Portal – a secure portal for online booking, information sharing and collection of patient reported outcomes.

The Synoptec SolutionSynoptecLogoAppColorsTransparent

Synoptec™ leverages the advantages of synoptic reporting with a simple interface that makes it easy for clinicians to complete reports quickly and accurately. The software runs on tablets and smartphones as well as PC’s and Mac’s so it is convenient to access from anywhere. Built in analysis tools and our visual Template Designer allow administrative users to design their own templates and reports with a simple drag-and-drop interface.  For some specialties like pathology, radiology, and surgery, peer-reviewed template libraries are already available.  For practices seeking to collect patient-reported-outcomes, or book appointments online, a full-featured patient portal is available.  The whole solution is available in-the-cloud with no servers to buy or software to install so that you can continue to focus on medicine and not IT.